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Vision Scan 3D focuses on making you more efficient at what you do.  Whether it’s metal stamping, precision metal forming, casting, molding, inventing,  designing, or just having fun… we can help!  Our most common services are shown below.

3D Scanning / Digitization

We use the highest quality 3D scanning equipment to create a digital twin of your physical object for archiving or analysis.

Digital Metrology

We can import your digital twin into our inspection software to measure any feature you can see, and some that you can't!

Full Field 3D Inspection

One look at our 3D inspection heat maps, and you'll know exactly what is in or out of spec. We are your source for fast decision making capability.

Reverse Engineering

We can also work backwards and create parametric CAD documents to simplify the design process and supercharge your go-to-market strategy!

Mesh Editing

Do you want to 3D print a replica? We make your model water tight and ready for printing!

Creative / Social Media

Did you know your favorite social media platforms allow 3D posts?

3D Scanning / Digitization Creating a Digital Twin

We use the highest quality GOM 3D Scanning equipment to digitize parts, tools, fixtures, and anything else you can come up with.  This process allows you to permanently archive anything for future analysis.

Tools don’t match your prints?  Repeat issues with the same tools?  Wish you measured something different on that golden sample that accidentally got scrapped?  Store a digital twin for quick answers to your toughest problems!

3D Inspection Full Field Data Analysis

Our inspection software allows us to align the scan data to the nominal CAD model for an instant view of problem areas.  Visual heat maps allow for faster decision making and a more focused approach to problem solving.

Want to get into TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)?  Let’s put together an archive schedule on tools and parts.  Stop being reactive with tooling issues, and let 3D scanning get you to being proactive!

Depend On Us

We are a service focused company that puts customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our relationships are our most valuable assets. This is not customer service, this is dependability!

Creative Projects

Do you have an interesting application idea? We pride ourselves on continuously learning. Let us learn with you... we will provide the services free of charge!

First Project Free!

Not quite sure about 3D scanning? Did your quality manager tell you it was a gimmick? Give it a try with no obligation or strings attached.

Preferred Customer

Are you ready for a transition to 3D measurement? Become a Vision Scan 3D preferred customer for free expedited service and volume discounts! Just ask!

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